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How to mobilize army in country with no standing army? Ask Question-异常分析

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In the modern day a isolated country with no standing army (and no military agreements with other countries with a military) is invaded. The country in question has similar characteristics to Iceland (minus the military defense agreement with the U.S.) This country has no standing army or major paramilitary force that could pose a threat to the invading enemy army and has not for the last one hundred years (unless you take the lightly armed police and coast guard.) Firearm legislation allows for all citizens to be able to own handguns as well as shotguns and rifles, but few do.


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目录  进程:进程指正在运行的程序。确切的来说,当一个程序进入内存运行,即变成一个进程,进程是处于运行过程中的程序,并且每个进程都具有一定独立功能。

Trifid Cipher (without keyword) Ask Question-异常分析

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I have loads of different ciphers stored in a document I once compiled as a kid, I picked a few of the ones I thought were best suitable for challenges (not too trivial, and not too hard) and transformed them into challenges. Most of them are still in the sandbox, and I'm not sure yet whether I'll post all of them, or only a few. Here is the second one (the Computer Cipher was the first one I posted).

Reporting a student who may be psychologically disturbed Ask Question-异常分析

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Yesterday, a colleague from my school's history department brought me a student's final project from her history class. The assigned project was to produce a "creative" project dealing with a historical figure/event covered in the time period of the class (20th century United States). One student wrote a short play about the Great Depression. Another student designed a simple computer game that he ran on a Macintosh Classic II from the 1990s.