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Trifid Cipher (without keyword) Ask Question-异常分析

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I have loads of different ciphers stored in a document I once compiled as a kid, I picked a few of the ones I thought were best suitable for challenges (not too trivial, and not too hard) and transformed them into challenges. Most of them are still in the sandbox, and I'm not sure yet whether I'll post all of them, or only a few. Here is the second one (the Computer Cipher was the first one I posted).

Have spelling reformers ever proposed rewriting “-ti-” as “-zi-” when it is pronounced that way? Ask Question-异常分析

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The pronunciation of words spelled with "-ti-" in German seems to be a little complicated. I read in a book that "-ti-" is pronounced as "-zi-" (I believe only when a vowel follows) in words like Aktie or Patient, but that words from French such as Aristocratie may have stressed /tiː/ instead.

Find the number of leading zeroes in a 64-bit integer Ask Question-异常分析

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Problem:Find the number of leading zeroes in a 64-bit signed integerRules:Test cases:These tests assume two's complement signed integers. If your language/solution lacks or uses a different representation of signed integers, please call that out and provide additional test cases that may be relevant. I've included some test cases that address double precision, but please feel free to suggest any others that should be listed.