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Has there ever been a major migration from the New World to the Old World? If not, why? Ask Question-异常分析

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Considerable research has been done on the ancient migration of humans from Northeast Asia to the Americas. Between that and Columbus, there were a few smaller migration events from elsewhere in the world — including the Viking travels to North America, and possible Austronesian travels to South America.

The top tech stories of 2018-微软新闻

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What a year it's been.In 2018, 5G and Fortnite became among the top trending terms as people latched on to the potential of next-generation wireless tech and became enamored with the latest and greatest Battle Royale. But it was also a year in which the future collided with reality -- in the case of Magic Leap, one of the most secretive and overhyped startups, that meant actually delivering its mixed-reality headset after years of promises.

iPhone and Intel are at the center of Qualcomm’s 5G crosshairs-微软新闻

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The world's largest mobile chipmaker is using 5G phones to go after Apple's iPhones and Intel -- hard. That was clear after Qualcomm's tech summit in Hawaii last week where one after the other, executives compared the speed and battery gains of Qualcomm's processors that will power 5G and 4G phones and laptops to Intel and Apple's competing models.