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1  MHA简介:MHA(Master High Availability)目前在MySQL高可用方面是一个相对成熟的解决方案,它由日本DeNA公司youshimaton(现就职于Facebook公司)开发,是一套优秀的作为MySQL高可用性环境下故障切换和主从提升的高可用软件。在MySQL故障切换过程中,MHA能做到在0~30秒之内自动完成数据库的故障切换操作,并且在进行故障切换的过程中,MHA能在最大程度上保证数据的一致性,以达到真正意义上的高可用。

How to mobilize army in country with no standing army? Ask Question-异常分析

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In the modern day a isolated country with no standing army (and no military agreements with other countries with a military) is invaded. The country in question has similar characteristics to Iceland (minus the military defense agreement with the U.S.) This country has no standing army or major paramilitary force that could pose a threat to the invading enemy army and has not for the last one hundred years (unless you take the lightly armed police and coast guard.) Firearm legislation allows for all citizens to be able to own handguns as well as shotguns and rifles, but few do.