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  开心一刻    今天上课不小心睡着了,结果被老师叫起来回答问题,这是背景。无奈之下看向同桌寻求帮助,同桌小声说到选C,结果周围的人都说选C,向同桌投去一个感激的眼神后大声说道选C。刚说完教室就笑开了,老师一脸恨铁不成钢的表情说选你个头,我叫你翻译文言文你选C!你出去,你给我出去。看着同桌挤眉弄眼的表情,劳资真想说,这帮畜生

How to mobilize army in country with no standing army? Ask Question-异常分析

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In the modern day a isolated country with no standing army (and no military agreements with other countries with a military) is invaded. The country in question has similar characteristics to Iceland (minus the military defense agreement with the U.S.) This country has no standing army or major paramilitary force that could pose a threat to the invading enemy army and has not for the last one hundred years (unless you take the lightly armed police and coast guard.) Firearm legislation allows for all citizens to be able to own handguns as well as shotguns and rifles, but few do.